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Cetra Ruddy

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CetraRuddy Architecture is an award-winning, global architecture, planning, and interior design firm.

Founded in 1987 by Principals John Cetra, and Nancy Ruddy, and led by a core group of distinguished principals. The firm works throughout the United States and abroad at varied scales and across typologies including multifamily housing, hospitality, education, cultural and commercial projects. For three decades, the firm has led with a guiding principle that architecture and design must engage context and enrich the human spirit.

This firm finds inspiration and trajectory in intellectually crafting unique and specific design solutions. Their projects create a memorable experience, community, and a sense of place in all of the typologies they touch.

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Rose Hill, New York

Rose Hill is a new residential building that pays homage to the Rockefeller legacy, the neighborhood, and the city’s rich history of skyscraper architecture while looking to the future. Texture, attention to detail, and celebration of craftsmanship, notable qualities in older buildings, are combined with elemental materials and panoramic views. Art is incorporated throughout the building.

Salt Meadow, New York

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Saltmeadow supports a larger revitalization effort to create sustainable homes within the beachside neighborhood of Far Rockaway, Queens. Taking advantage of its waterfront location, select homes feature outdoor space and windows oriented to maximize water views.

One Madison, New York

An iconic residential tower uniquely sited on the Manhattan grid optimizes the urban design opportunity presented by its location. The tower anchors the base of Madison Avenue and historic Madison Park while engaging in an architectural dialogue with neighboring landmarks and enlivening the skyline.

Manhattan Residences

Inspired by the energy of midtown Manhattan, the residences are vibrant and modern, reflective of the surrounding urban context. The integration of sleek, modern materials with natural elements creates a contemporary environment with warmth.

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