Charles Zana: A Parasiense Vision of Design

Charles Zana: A Parasiense Vision of Design

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For the last thirty years, from Paris to London, via New York, Tel Aviv, and Monaco, Charles Zana has provided finesse and expertise to the world’s most beautiful interiors. Zana has a unique style with a vision of an art lover and is creatively passionate about design. He received one of France’s highest honors, the Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres for his contribution to the architectural and design field.

Ranelagh, Paris

This apartment is a mix of classic and modern codes. As we can see, the graphic themes are white, black, and grey.


Villa Cologny, Switzerland

Here we can see a project that is a house in Switzerland with contemporary architecture and interiors.

Inspired By The Look: MILES FLOOR


This apartment overlooking the Rock of Monaco, where every window opens onto the sea, revisits the French Riviera style in the light of the present.

Inspired By The Look: ZELDA SINGLE SOFA

Grenelle, Paris

Hidden in an 18th-century hotel, Charles Zana’s private apartment reveals all its secrets. Coated in sage green, every room has objects and pieces from eras that have nothing in common.

Quai de la Tournelle, Paris

This project has a unique contemporary decor in an old 17th-century Parisian private mansion.

Inspired By The Look: HERA DINING SOFA

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