Clive Lonstein – Aesthetic Modern Home Interior Design Ideas

Clive Lonstein

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Clive Lonstein is an interior design company based in New York City, comprised of experienced and creative design professionals. Their recent projects include a multi-story boutique development project in Manhattan, a privately run airport in Seattle, and private residences in Aspen, the Bahamas, the Hamptons, and Manhattan. In this article, we will talk about the aesthetic modern home interior design ideas from this firm!

Clive Lonstein has assembled a creative, detail-oriented, and highly skilled design team. Their breadth of experience brings a well-rounded perspective to each of their projects. His work melds the tastes of his clients, the setting in which the project finds itself, and his own expertise. All this is to create exemplary modern architectural and interior designs of the highest quality, rooted in classical principles and proportions.

Aspen 2

A richness of textures makes the connection between the comfort of home and the beauty of the surrounding landscapes in this Aspen hometown. Unique vintage furniture from the Paris flea market and custom-built pieces stand out against the backdrop of reclaimed Barnwood, Colorado buff local stone, custom bronze metalwork, and cashmere upholstered walls.

Inspired by the look: Essex Armchair

Aspen 3

Geometric lines, earth tones, and carefully curated materials provide an ever-so-subtle nod to 1970s Aspen. This residence’s warm palette and natural materials bring references to the surrounding natural beauty of the outdoors.

New York 1

Cooler tones pervade this Upper East Side apartment by Clive Lonstein. Elements like grey lacquer library and white and grey marble throughout the apartment are accented with an electric-blue lacquer and straw marquetry cabinet.

Inspired by the look: Lapiaz Oval, Center Table

Seattle 1

This privately owned and operated airport in Seattle provides a bespoke and curated travel experience, with its cozy fireplaces and brown saddle-leather seating. Brown and blue tones throughout, industrial light fixtures, and horizontal louvers on the facade pick up the refined ruggedness of the Pacific Northwest.

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