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Clive Lonstein

Clive Lonstein’s design studio was found five years ago and incorporates creative and experienced designers.

Clive’s career has gone through Studio Sofield where he served as a Design Director. Furthermore he served as a Vice President at Tiffany & Co.

His design and particular use of form, color and materials come from the combination his architectural training and his background in fine art.

The design studio which Lonstein owns is located in a historic McKim, Mead & White building in downtown Manhattan. The studio contains a rich library of materials from which to draw inspiration.

We introduce you to some of their recent projects.

1) Aspen

Clive Lonstein - New York Best Interior Designers

The Aspen house brings inspiration from the surrounding winter landscape to create a showcase for a contemporary art collection and artisan-crafted pieces.

Unique vintage furniture from the Paris flea market and custom-built pieces stand out against the backdrop of reclaimed barnwood, Colorado buff local stone, custom bronze metal work and cashmere upholstered walls.

Geometric lines, earth tones and carefully curated materials provide an ever-so-subtle nod to 1970s Aspen.

2) New York

Clive Lonstein - New York Best Interior Designers

Office Ideas

Elements like a grey lacquer library and white and grey marble throughout the apartment are accented with an electric-blue lacquer and straw marquetry cabinet.

The renovation of this Upper West Side Renaissance Revival townhouse brings together strong and identifiable influences that span several decades from the 1940s to the 1980s.

Clive Lonstein - New York Best Interior Designers

The palette of this Hudson Yards office provides a neutral canvas on which to feature a spectacular collection of art .

3) Seattle

Clive Lonstein - New York Best Interior Designers

This privately owned and operated airport in Seattle provides a bespoke and curated travel experience, with its cozy fireplaces and brown saddle-leather seating.

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