How to design your Bedroom with Velvet?

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How to design your Bedroom with Velvet

Velvet isn’t hard to include in a bedroom interior design. As such a versatile material, Velvet manages to turn a simple design into glamorous one, either by color or texture.

In a classic and sober shade, combined with a light background, Velvet would probably fade away. However, the effect is contradictory, since it not only stands out but also enlightens the whole room design. Note the soft elegance of the velvet bed and sofa.

Its texture makes it possible for Velvet to shine through the room design. The room itself does not fall short from velvet’s elegant and sleek look. Combined with equally brilliant decor, you’ll have a luxury bedroom inspiration.

Velvet Bedroom Inspirations


In other ambiences, Velvet products are just another unique touch added to the design. This ambience has a marble wall, a black a gold brass wall and bedroom set, made for comfort in a mix of greens and beiges. As so, the velvet inspired armchair is supposed to complement the ambience, not enlight it.

Velvet Bedroom Inspirations


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In general for ambiences, Velvet is a constant presence, either as upholstery and casegoods. Velvet can be present in other ways,  as different products such as stools, to bed frames, to rugs and decor accessories in general.

In lighter tones, bright and light colors should be used. In darker room designs, the bedroom sets must be colorful or else the velvet will lose its decorative impact.

The design of the bedroom inspiration with blue wall and light pink bed frame is a perfect combination of soft and vibrant. For light colored bedrooms designs, the impact of other materials is huge and the color two. One of these bedrooms joins light colored bedroom with gold brass nightstands or lamps.




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