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Top 3 Best Interior Design Projects by Peter Marino

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Top 3 Best Interior Design Projects by Peter Marino

Did you know that Peter Marino recognized for his refined taste and ability to create luxurious and artistic interior design projects? Get inspired by his work with this selection.

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Peter Marino is one of the world’s best interior designers due to its refined and luxurious taste for high-end modern architecture and interior design. Throughout his career, and consequent founding of the prestigious design firm Peter Marino Architect. Besides that, the creator has won several awards and has been mentioned in the world’s most relevant design magazines, including this year’s Elle Decor A-list.

Fashion’s most celebrated architect has revamped dozens of luxury fashion stores and is renowned for his inventive use of light, space and contemporary artwork. Says BOF

Peter Marino Biography Portfolio

The work of Peter includes residential, retail, cultural and hospitality projects worldwide and is incredibly famous for integrating art within his architectural designs. Where and when it all started? During the 1985’s architect redesigned Barneys New York.


A star architect, Peter Marino worldwide has at least 300 site-specific works of art. Not only Chanel boutiques in Seoul but also the Chanel boutique in 57th Street NYC, we assure that Peter’s clientele is extravagant and exclusive. It includes not only Chanel but as well as Louis Vuitton, Armani, Zegna, Calvin Klein, Fendi, and Christian Dior. Today, we selected a few of the designer’s best interior design projects to help you understand what a great luxury design concept actually is.

The Getty

West Chelsea, NYC


Uniting the art, design, and architecture The Getty Residences is a project located in 503 West 204th Street in the heart of West Chelsea.

I really feel that these residences at the Getty will be my works of art. P.Marino


Peter Marino joined exclusive high-end design and luxury detailing into one model unit, located along with the premier High Line in New York. Not to mention that astonishing full-floor homes gathered with art galleries and one triplex penthouse. Besides, AD 100 Architect and designer, created building features having a specific buyer in mind. Furthermore, Peter Marino – well known for a huge art lover and user, and this project is no exception. The Getty’s architect through five units used different structures and finishes like stone, marble, or wooden details.

“The purchaser is drawn into the creative process by being able to select a one-of-a-kind residence,” explains the architect. “The buyer becomes the curator.”


London, New Bond Street

Luxury Brands


Despite the recent project in NYC, interior designer participated in Dior’s London store creation. Furthermore, Peter Marino made sure to recreate rich and passionate detailing into every single inch of the space. Likewise, an elegant black and white flooring beautifully embraced with white and golden staircases and artistic glasswork. Located in New Bond Street this glamorous boutique is a mix of English heritage and Dior’s uniqueness. Behind the Victorian front, the store is unveiling contemporary style details.


‘This is a very big store, even for us,’

‘The architecture element was a huge construction, a two-year volumetric exercise. And although the project was expensive and consumed time, for once instead of just reconditioning existing rooms we had the chance to really create a new architecture. We wanted London to be one of the top three stores in the world along with Paris and Seoul,’



New Bond Street, London


Marino, managed to create an outstanding interior design for luxury brand Bulgari, adapting a nature-inspired elegance to space. Clearly, stone and marble are a few of the materials that can be found in this project. A dazzling lighting fixture enlightens the space. Moreover, the orange hues placed within the decorative elements, create a warm and passionate feeling.

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