What does the DimoreStudio, one of the Top Design Studios of Milan and Italy, has prepared for this Milan Design Week? Last year, Dimore presented a stunning and super art-decor like expos (Limited Edition & Perfetamentte Imperfetto) at their fabulous Gallery at the center of the Brera District! This year they’ll trade the Bright Colors, Modern Bright Tones and Flower Pallets of last year for a darker vibe with an Interstellar Installation!

It’s a very strong, atmospheric and contemporary installation that showcases Dark and Powerful vibes and colors! Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran, aka DimoreStudio, prove, once again, their amazing talent and inclination for Trends & Design with this incredible installation that isn’t on display on the iconic DimoreGallery on Via Solferino (Brera)! That’s right, Dimore Studio will be taking over the former Cinema Arti to unveil this installation that also serves to present their latest furniture collection, as well as showing their own take on the classic traveling trunks of French malletier Au Départ.

Inspired in the late and iconic style of Yves Sait Lauren and in the Darker Trends for 2019DimoreStudio will surprise you with this ambitious installation that will definitely inspire you! Like we’ve mentioned before, this installation serves mainly to highlight the work that has been done by DimoreMilano, one of DimoreStudios’ most iconic projects that consist of a furniture and furnishing brand. The new products of this brand will also be displayed at this installation!

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