An extremely collaborative environment made of different people and ideas is what makes Hok Design a force to be reckoned with. Emphasizing diverse background and being open to new influences is the firm’s major feature, with a powerful international presence and the capability of being an extremely innovative workspace.

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology – Thuwal, Saudi Arabia

With several studios spread all over the world, Hok Design tries to enhance every local vibe while bringing forward the firm’s culture, based on diversity and acceptance. The idea behind Hok designers’ work is about sharing awareness and knowledge to help and support each other; thus, making it easier tackling bigger and more complex issues.

The Francis Crick Institute – London, United Kingdom

“Using design to make a difference.”

As a global design, architecture, engineering, and planning firm Hok manage to provide a wider approach remaining extremely close to important issues, as environmental and sustainable values: its purpose is to “use design to make a different” thinking always forward, toward the future’s needs of the built environment.

LG Science Park – Seoul, South Korea

By giving a specific feel to an ambiance, Hok firm aims to celebrate experiences through design; establishing a connection to the brand that consequently has a symbiotic relationship with the architecture: every single element becomes inseparable to deliver a synergic structure, in which requirements and needs are entirely met.

Hok’s projects are well-known for proposing an innovative tactic that meets high-efficiency, transparent, and technological values, while maintaining a dynamic vibe that totally incorporates the human experience: from university’s campuses and mixed-use structures to residential buildings to airports, the Hok designers’ skillset is  widespread and capable of giving life to projects that put people’s wellbeing at the first place.

Arterra Residential Tower – Kansas City, Missouri

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