As you have seen in the last period (we are mostly talking about Salone di Milano 2019!) it has become a trend for fashion houses to present a home collection, to better expand their artistic vision even among home furniture and accessories. Today, we are talking about Marni, that have already launched a futuristic collection – with an original visual concept totally different from the past – in which artisanal mastery and unconventional design pieces merge together to create an exclusive colorful world. Colombian artisans – long collaborators of the brand – have wisely shown their craftsmanship ability through the use of natural fibers and textures that provided a nice contrast with the PVC and metal elements of the various items expressing Marni’s quirky style. But that’s not all, because the fashion brand has presented another collection, taking it a step further from the futuristic vibes of Marni Moon Walk: one of the brand’s world event, the Marni Gaming Market, evolving from Marni Market pop-up stores, opened all over the world. This time the futuristic and alien-like influences made way for the 1980s video game cult world. Do you want to know more about MARNI’S HANDMADE FURNITURE & ACCESSORIES ON MARNI GAMING MARKET? Keep reading!


After the worldwide success of Marni Market, the pop-up store traveling all over the world and loved for the inimitable and eccentric atmosphere, typical of the brand – don’t forget the highly Instagram-worthy locations, an explosion of bright colors and playful elements! – the Marni Gaming Market has been launched online: from May 9th you could immerse yourself into the 80s gaming culture, with its interactive pixelated world.

For the fashion house, it’s “an interpretation of the Marni Markets’ universe in digital form, which brings together artisanal design products within a playful environment that invites customers to forget the rules” and the perfect chance to expand the idea behind the pop-up stores bringing the artisanal quality to the digital world.

Every design piece of Marni’s handmade furniture & accessories – from bicolored stools and geometric-shaped PVC chairs to animal-shaped metal masks to retro-inspired crochet bags – reflects the rule-breaking quirkiness of the fashion and design house.

The uniqueness shines through the possible minor differences that make Marni’s handmade furniture & accessories perfect examples of the diverse and masterful capacity of Marni’s Colombian artisans. The union of two different world – the craftsmanship field and the world of classic video games of the 80s – that works so well together, bringing all Marni’s unique character to us.

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