Sometimes the differences transform a partnership into a powerful and glamorous machine, capable of emphasizing each talent and mashing together the distinctive traits to create astonishing projects that remain in our memory. A good example is the design firm Drake / Anderson.

Midtown Residence

Born from the union of Drake Design Associates, already an institution for the whole design world, and Caleb Anderson Design, a promising young interior designer, the Drake / Anderson firm deals with a high-end clientele, catering to every refined taste from residential to commercial projects, that have taken them in various locations, such as London, Paris, Bermuda, and Middle East.

Anderson brings that eclectic twist to the design duo, while Drake provides that modernist soul for which he has been known since the 80s.

The multidisciplinary approach that the firm follows to instill a luxurious, elegant and visually powerful setting, is due to the different background that the two diverse designers bring to the duo: Jamie Drake has been known and riveted in the industry for quite some time, being one of the first to use Modernism in interior design since the 1980s. Caleb Anderson, instead, as a talented designer, knows how to pair various elements from different historical periods with custom ones to make them shine together under a new light – the unexpected touch to an already established reality.

One57 Model Apartment (New York, NY)

“At the heart of every project is the belief that the best décor expresses personality and place.”

Dynamic eclecticism is in fact the style reference for Drake / Anderson: the specific approaches that the designers adopt are renowned for their simple yet stylish settings, in which a few pieces speak louder than words.

Upstate New York Weekend Residence

Intersections with the fashion world and a proficiency with colors and a layering capability among the eras are the duo’s major characteristic: a bold use of colors is still a preference for any of their projects, in which unexpected choices can appear like splashes of colors or extravagant decorative pieces; sometimes, even the most glamorous and dazzling setting doesn’t need to display openly his intrepid soul but can show through few key pieces its significant essence.

The union has seen many projects come to life, from Manhattan’s residential townhouse and Hamptons estates to innovative medical facilities and non-profit foundation headquarters. The cleverness of the firm in dealing with their clients’ demands let them be chosen as recipients of 2018 Elle Decor A-List, the 2018 Architectural Digest AD100 list, Interior Design magazine’s Hall of Fame, House Beautiful’s Master Class and Next Wave.

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