Elegant Dining Room

Elegant Dining Room: Everyone deserves a stunning dining area that reflects their own personality. A room where you can make the most unforgettable memories with your family, friends, or even close that important business deal! If you´re a fan of well-detailed and windowed dining rooms, this article is for you!

Today´s Insplosion inspiration is a stunning design made by Glazov Design Group, which is full of luxury and details!

Every detail looks so perfect in this design, especially the golden tones in the floor and in the wall that separates the dining area from the kitchen area. This adds another level to the room because it reflects the natural light that comes in from the big window. The color palette here is nuanced, but that does not mean the room has an incredible balance between the colors.

What can you say about the suspension lamp?


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Luxurious Dining Room


A high-windowed elegant dining room. Designed by Glazov Design Group.


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Build a Elegant and Stunning Living Room with Insplosion suggestions!

Horus II Suspension Lamp




Promises to serve as a model for contemporary interior design, much as the God of the sky and the rising sun. The crackle glass shades and matte black lacquered brass structure of this chandelier make it ideal for producing a dramatic revelation over a fearsome living room sofa or a dining table!


Charla Dining Chair




A magnificent piece of unending elegance. Due to the complexity of the luxurious materials used, this magnificent design is the ideal illustration of classic forms with a contemporary twist.


Beyond Dining Table 





The unique features that delicately balance the best hand-worked wood with brass accents and the warm, golden tones on its polished surface. This elegant statement table, which was created in an exceptional flash of inspiration, is the ideal focal point for any dining space.


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