Everything you need to know about Bunny Williams

Today we are talking about one of the most influential figures of interior design out there. She is renowned for her balanced, refined aesthetics. Beautiful, but livable. Welcoming, but chic. Truth is, if you have not heard of Bunny Williams you have been living under rock for decades. Bunny Williams has in fact been working on establishing her legacy for over three decades. About 30 years of superior design and inspirational interiors. She has influenced and inspired a whole new generation of talents, making her one of the most respected voices in the field of interior design. Here is everything you need to know about interior designer Bunny Williams!

Everything you need to know about Bunny Williams

Her Work

Taught by some of the best, Bunny Williams has worked for over 20 years with big names such as Albert Hadley and Sister Parish. Now she created interiors with a rich and eclectic style, harmoniously mixing antiques with contemporary designs. One of her trademarks, in fact. In her work she likes to mix old and modern, black and white. Add contrast, impact. Giving her cozy, welcoming ambiences a certain je-ne-sais-quoi. “You want different textures” she says, “you don’t want everything white or everything brown or everything black, so it’s having a dark wood piece mixed with something that’s gold or glass with wood”. It’s not about having a theme, but making the contrasts work harmoniously with each other.

This eclectic touch which is so easily recognizable of Bunny Williams is also what makes her ambiences and work seem so contemporary. Never out of date, or ‘dead’ as she herself calls it. Livable but not traditional. Ceramics collection, yes. Cutlery and servingware, yes. But sparks of gold here-and-there too. In Bunny Williams’ works, there is always gold. “Every room should have some gold in it”, she says, “it reflects light, and to me it’s not formal. To me it’s happy.”

Private projects

Besides her professional work, Bunny Williams has privately been working on her weekend federal-style house in Falls Village in Connecticut. She renovated the house and designed gardens, and a conservatory out of a barn. As usual, decorated with antiques and golds, the house is like a representation of her soul. Ever-changing and impactful. You go in and you see a display of all her favourite things, old and new, and can always feel the scents from the gardens.

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