Everything You Need To Know About DKOR Interiors

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Their modern and sleek style and South Florida vibe are the key features of DKOR INTERIORS.  Ivonne Ronderos founded this Miami-based interior design company and we’re totally obsessed.

Firstly, this firm is renowned for projects realized at a national and international level. Indeed, its team of talented designers caters to every possible wish and preference to accomplish a brilliantly-executed project.

DKOR INTERIORS provides luxurious atmospheres and all the innovations of the design field. They are certainty among the top residential interior design companies in the United States and in the world.

One of the main features of DKOR is its capability of respecting the clients’ personal tastes. They meet their preferences and thus create amazing projects that reflect a specific concept. Of course, no style is impossible! From modern Scandinavian to Hollywood regency, they do it all. Of course, it’s all thanks to their professional knowledge and years of experience!

DKOR INTERIORS specializes in a multitude of projects. From new constructions to remodeling to quick decorating projects, even for temporary situations. Professionalism and creativity, nothing is impossible for them! They can work both on modern wonderland home in Florida and a Miami Breezy estate to a contemporary oasis. DKOR Interior provides original projects of exceptional taste.

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