The Maltese interior designer Francis Sultana is the common link between an interior designer and an art collector: with his extensive passion for art in general – that he amassed during the years – he is one of the most requested designers by international collectors with extensive contemporary and design collections.

Born in Gozo, in 2009 Francis Sultana decided to establish his interior design firm in London, the perfect spot from which came several requests from VIP – Madonna, Annie Lennox and so on– that set the standard for his current fame and projects.

His approach is based on a vision of compatibility, in which various elements need to speak with each other, creating the background for the piece de resistance, an artistic item or a designer one, that provides that particular flair – an eccentric twist – to a minimalistic setting.

“Beautiful interiors, for me, are the timeless projects that express a classic sense of elegance.”

The duality of his persona – interior designer and creative director of the renowned David Gill Gallery – in addition to the experience that the formative years spent with worldly-famous designers such as Zaha Hadid, Mattia Bonetti, Michele Oka Doner, Sir David Chipperfield, and Grayson Perry gave him, is the fascinating trait that immediately put him among the most sought-after designers in the world.

Not only Francis Sultana is a judge for both PAD and Masterpiece and he is a member of the NSPCC Art Gala’s board but also, he co-founded the Design Fund for the Victoria & Albert Museum and he was chosen in 2008 as the Ambassador of Culture for Malta and as a member of the board of MICAS, a new museum space that will be opened in Malta in 2021 and will host Malta’s contemporary art & design collection.

His polyhedral personality and his aptitude of working with architects, artists, and collectors alike, led him to some new opportunities in China, where he is completing new projects. His particular vision – based on “less is more” – always leads to quiet and refined spaces where an artisanal touch and bespoke items give emphasis to the luxurious atmosphere.

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