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Are you a fan of the gorgeous, eclectic Singapore luxury interiors? If so, you need to know all about Fifth Avenue Interior Design. These young but driven professionals have already accumulated quite the portfolio. Indeed, their biggest selling point is probably the way they elevate interior design into art.

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328 Tampines st 32

Luxury apartments are in a class of their own. Although not always the most spacious interiors, they have to appeal to the luxurious tastes of their owners. However, you can follow different strategies to achieve this. This incredible luxury apartment achieves an air of sophistication by going in a more minimalistic direction, which optimizes the space without looking deprived. The creative chandelier, brown pillows, and feminine art deco console table truly make the look.

But, just because kitchen design is seriously underrated, we wanted to show you a couple of details of this great example. While white kitchen interiors are a classic, the use of almost rustic blue cabinets with marble walls and floors is a perfect example of how you can combine luxury and coziness.

164a Yung Kuang Road

Living Room © Fifth Avenue

But do you want the absolute height of modern classic luxury? There is absolutely nothing minimalist about this project in 164a Yung Kuang Road, which combines a huge mixture of antique and eclectic influences into a truly unique room. The deep burgundy is the statement shade here, adding a vibrant modern touch to the otherwise neutral color palette. Yet, the unsung heroes are definitely the ostrich feathered covered lamps, a truly excentric addition.

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Bedroom © Fifth Avenue

The bedroom follows the exact same formula and color scheme. Yet, the modern touches here include the metal bedside tables. Then you have a mid-century chair and an almost victorian looking bench. It’s the perfect modern classic luxury bedroom.

Entryway © Fifth Avenue

Finally, we have the dining room, which goes for the same glorious mixture of classic and contemporary. We can’t even begin to tell you what we love the most about its Parisian-inspired design. But perhaps it’s the little decor items that need highlighting. The brass peacocks, the pictures, the sign above the wall…And did you notice that the rug matches the one in the living room?

636 Woodland

Art-Deco Living Room © Fifth Avenue

Thus, we reach the final project of our top 3 list. The 636 Woodland Interior is a true art-deco marvel. While still a very distinctively modern classic creation, this project is much more feminine, more focused on the idea of class than on that of uniqueness.

Dining Area © Fifth Avenue

Marble, china, upholstery. Indeed, everything in this interior is about luminous white charm, delicate in every way. It’s an almost rococo beauty, flowery and ornamented but still airy and light.

Kitchen © Fifth Avenue

In fact, we adore the kitchen so much we wanted to give you a final view!

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