Glamorous Living Room

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Glamorous Living Room: Today Insplosion brings to you a new idea for your living room: this amazing design made by Engy Elgohary is perfect if you’re interested in building a perfect refuge in the countryside, the result is space, elegance and the tall windows transform this place into the perfect living room.

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5 Best Inspirations To Get A Perfect Living Room Design

Glamorous Living Room




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It is a magnificent chandelier lamp with an extravagant shape that can turn any setting into a beautiful scene, it creates an exclusive atmosphere because of its vivacious personality.

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The House of Bourbon was a dynasty with French roots that was renowned for its elegance and splendor, this rich cotton velvet, button-tufted inner back, and matte-aged brass base of the BOURBON Sofa capture this opulence.



The hand-tufted rug ADLER, which is made of natural wool and botanical silk, is evidence that we are capable of incorporating works of art into our settings.


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