Green & Mingarelli Design: Monaco Interior Design Stars

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Here at Insplosion, we’re committed to showing you the best that luxury interior design has to offer. But we really couldn’t honor that commitment without introducing you to Green & Mingarelli Design. These Monaco interior design stars have created projects for yachts, luxury residences and private jets. Explore their best projects with Insplosion!

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London Residence

So, let’s start with an utterly refined, delicate residential interior. Rather than blending contemporary influences with classic ones like many luxury interiors do, this incredible project keeps the contemporary details to a minimum. In fact, you have to make quite an effort to notice more modern pieces, such as the coffee table, amongst the sophisticated art deco design of the rest of the room.

Although still very much based on classic and sophisticated concepts, this second area goes for a slightly more mid-century modern and even eclectic vibe. Rather than sticking to white, there is the precise and effective use of dark brown in the pillows and wood. Furthermore, even the table lamp designs and paintings dare a lot more than in your typical classical interior.

Did you think we were done showing you how you can add a contemporary twist to a room? Check out this glorious, comfortable-looking home-cinema area! The rich, brown wood and old-fashioned bar are giving us some serious mid-century vibes.

But we couldn’t finish showing this project without giving you a glimpse of the gorgeous indoor pool. From the marble to the floral wall decor, everything in this room is about sophisticated beauty and relaxation. And who says you can’t have a chandelier over a pool?

Monaco Apartment

Luxury Brands

This Monaco Apartment living room area partially follows the same formula. However, the effort to bring light into the room to exalt the airiness of the interior is a winning choice. Besides, you could call this room a lot more eclectic than the first one. While it still draws on classic sophistication, it includes a lot of unique and eclectic pieces, such as the paintings and the zebra-patterned chairs.

Still following a cozy, eclectic formula, we have this simultaneously chic and adorable living room. While it never goes overboard, probably due to the simplicity of the black and white color scheme, this living room includes plenty of interesting and personal details. We first noticed the glass hearts on the coffee table, but the creative table lamp design and the candlesticks on the table are definitely worth a look as well.

Finally, because we couldn’t end this list without it, you can get a glimpse of the home spa. Rather than going for a more eclectic or modern vibe, this particular room goes all-in on the classic influences. In fact, this could be a more refined version of a Greek or Roman Bathhouse. We’re totally in love with the engravings on the jaccuzi!

Mangusta 108

But nothing screams luxury like a superyacht interior. Indeed, the gorgeous Mangusta 108 design is the definition of bold luxury. Rather than brass or even marble, this design goes for black metal as the statement material. It’s the boldest, sleekest, most contemporary way to convey refinement. Yet, it contrasts with the classy and delicate nature of the lamps and sofas.

Furthermore, the living room follows a similar strategy but goes for a slightly different color palette. Indeed, the brown details had an even bolder, more adult touch to the room. Yet, just as in the bedroom design, the little Far-East inspired decor elements truly make the design. Just notice the little vases!

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