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“Our purpose is to design the world’s best places – places people love.” – Hassell Studios

Hassell plans to use Globalization, climate change, urbanization, and digitization to create new design opportunities and overcome difficulties in today’s society. In this fast-changing context, they have put together the best designers and masterminds in an unprecedented collaborative process that results in both beautiful design and immense value.


Project – WA Museum Boola Bardip


Hassell covers architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, and urban design – a strong multi-disciplinary mix of abilities and perspectives that unlocks the economic, social, and cultural value of projects. In addition, combining creative design expertise with capabilities in strategy, research, technology, and experience design, and we regularly collaborate with experts and partners from further afield.


Hassell: Singapore Best Design Studios
Project – Sixty Martin Place


Through their work, they are trying to build a more inclusive, sustainable future for communities – and create a more socially and ecologically resilient world.


Project – Arup Workplaces


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Hassell: Singapore Best Design Studios
Project – Riverside Green


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Hassell: Singapore Best Design Studios
Project – Herston Quarter STARS


Hassell Singapore Studio

The studio sits across the top floor of three traditional shophouses in Singapore’s never-ending with buzz Tanjong Pagar area. Moreover, the bright studio space is identifiable by its pitched ceiling and exposed timber trusses – which never fail to overwhelm, whether it’s your first day or you’ve worked there for years.

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Singapore Hassell Studio


Project teams sit together in the open studio, with pin-ups around the perimeter and client meetings, design reviews, and robust discussions held on the central ​high table”. Less formal meetings take place in the pantry and the outdoor terrace.



In conclusion, Hassell represents innovation, creativity, and sustainability in Singapore’s architectural and interior design, they are truly a personification of the term “cutting edge” in everything they do,  I mean, just look at their portfolio if you still have any doughts.


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