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Heather Hilliard Design

Heather Hilliard Design is a full-service, boutique interior design firm in San Francisco, California.

This team specializes in creating and designing personalized interiors that merge classic detailing and modern design.

With every assignment she accepts, Heather delivers a refined result that reflects the very best of her client’s personal style.

Heather Hilliard Designer

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For the past 10 years, this firm has been working with craftsmen and artists across the globe, who execute Heather’s customized designs for her clients.

Some of the projects of this great desiner include:

Hillsborough I

This contemporary home in Hillsborough, a Northern California town, features a clean, contemporary design aesthetic. Is softened by the layering of textures and a neutral palette with pops of color.

They created bright and open spaces conducive to family living and entertaining.

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Heather Hilliard Design: The Best Projects Heather Hilliard Design: The Best Projects

Cow Hollow

To reflect the clients’ informal and immensely warm family dynamic, Heather Hilliard Design suggested a neutral palette with pops of blue to keep the house feeling young and fresh.

To unify the spaces, blue was used sparingly throughout from the front door to the kitchen island.

The Best Projects The Best Projects

Los Altos Hills II

Design Principal Heather Hilliard and her team designed a contemporary new home for a young family of four immersed in the Silicon Valley scene in Los Altos Hills.

Furniture selections are a compilation of modern and custom pieces, whimsical forms, and unique one-of-a-kind pieces by notable designers.

Heather Hilliard Design: The Best Projects Heather Hilliard Design: The Best Projects

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