Hiroto Kawaguchi designs Minimal Open House in Kyoto

Hiroto Kawaguchi designs Minimal Open House in Kyoto

Newtown House by Hiroto Kawaguchi and Kohei Yukawa Features Minimal Furnishings and open living spaces. 

Located in Kyoto, Japan, Hiroto Kawaguchi‘s newest interior design projectNewtown House – is a 99.02 m2 residence that adopts a minimalist living design concept. It’s structure features high ceilings and full length windows that enable plenty of natural lighting and elegant views.

A partnership between architects Kawaguchi and Kohei Yukawa, Newtown House is a response to the client’s request for connection with the surrounding landscapes and people. From the house, it’s possible to admire the neighboring views and communicate with people outside doors, while ensuring privacy in certain spots.

The living spaces were arranged for 3 different functionalities: “Parent’s House”, “Everyone’s House”, “Housework and Children’s House”. The north and south of the building are dedicated to the Parent, housework and children spaces, while the “Everyone’s house” area is located in the center.

The mission was to make the family feel as if they were living in the landscape itself. Due to the series of house-type volumes, it becomes easy to connect with different landscapes, ranging from houses, to newtown to mountains.

“Everyone’s House” is a continuous space on which several floors and steps are used with different meaning. They can function as chairs, tables and even storage on a daily basis, due to its various levels.

The interior design is minimal and comfortable, where light wooden materials create a balanced beauty with white walls and industrial lighting pendants

The wooden ceiling is inclined to create a continuous boundary. At the boundary of the “house”the ceiling is low and it is the human space, at the center the ceiling is high and it becomes the space scaled out.

The corridors are filled in a white color pallet, enabling a beautiful contrast towards the rest of the spaces. Small windows were placed on the ceiling to get advantage of natural light.

The Newtown house provides a whole new relationship and connection between, people, houses, newton and landscapes, ensuring immateriality and sensibility towards the surrounding environment with its open interior design and sustainable architecture.

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