Home Decor Ideas: How to design Blue Interiors

Home Decor Ideas: How to design Blue Interiors

According to Pantone’s Spring 2017 color report blue can literally be the new black. Take a look at these home decor ideas and learn how to take advantage of this color.

Although Greenery has been the ultimate favorite color trend for interiors, blue is also regaining power. According to Pantone‘s 2017 report, blue can literally be the new black in the fashion and design industry. It’s a flexible, simple and fascinating shade that can serve whether as a neutral or statement color in an interior design, therefore perfect to replace the beloved black.

If you have a new project coming up and still haven’t decided what shade to use, you might want to start purchasing blue-finished furnishings or wall coverings before you run out of time.  If you still find it difficult to design blue interiors, down below we gathered a few projects and ideas to help you out. Take a look.

If you don’t know where to use this color here’s a safe choice.  Blue, in our humble opinion, is by far one of the greatest choices for a child’s bedroom design.  This shade provides a soft and innocent look to the space, and yet makes it look fun and vivid. In this project by Circu, neutral wall coverings and wooden flooring give birth to a statement blue-shaded bed and unique rug that create a magical adventure underneath unique lighting pendants.

Blue and black are seriously best friends. In this interior design project by Essential Home blue wall coverings and a black and white patterned floor create the perfect base for a golden sidetable and stunning mid-century modern chair design.

In a bathroom design there’s no better shade to use than blue. In this project, tiles create unique artwork  in a open bath that is complemented by transparent glass doors. White and grey inhabit around this shade creating the perfect balance.

In this modern living room different shades of blue create an elegant approach. Dark blue walls together with similar-shaded curtains create a base for a lighter blue armchair and rug. The floor is covered with a stunning wooden material that ends up pulling everything together.

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