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Nowadays, the attention to the costumers’ experience and their satisfaction is one of the most important prerogatives of hotel designers. Actually, the consideration in choosing a hotel is a big part of the schedule while booking a trip, something that summarizes the holiday’s essential spirit and becomes another experience altogether. The attention to details, accessories, and style is a precise job that hotel designers don’t underestimate; so, we are here today to describe the biggest HOTEL DESIGN TRENDS of this year: your next trip – whether it will be related to your job or a personal one – will see its glamourous factor elevated to infinity. Are you ready to see all the HOTEL DESIGN TRENDS? Let’s begin!



smart room in Hotel design trends

The first of our HOTEL DESIGN TRENDS is about an important tendency that has caught on in the last period of time: the attention to customization and to create an authentic experience, really close to the costumers’ taste is the number one priority of most of the hotels. From the example of boutique hotels, often we can see various types of features, such as streaming services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, and other platforms) or all kind of audio products for their listening pleasure, with extensive collections too!

smart room in Hotel design trends


hotel room comfort in Hotel design trends

Sometimes, being away from home – especially because f a job trip – can be really tiring because we are used to a lot of comforts and amenities from our houses: nowadays, most hotels provide some homelike comforts to their guests, such as coffee machines, kitchenettes, powerful wifi, and tailored services – all adapted to each individual’s taste.

hotel room comfort in Hotel design trends Hotel design trends


bold vision in Hotel design trends

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Already tired of standardization and rooms that have the same look, designers are not afraid to go bold and express their eclectic vision: the answer is following a new trend that allows maximum personalization and different styles that highlight the fundamental identity of the hotel.

bold vision in Hotel design trends


eco-friendly room in Hotel design trends

The attention to the environment is more important every day and even hotel designers can’t really escape the consequences of their interior design choices when it’s about the climate changes. An eco-friendly attitude and sustainable adoptions are the most awaited entry among our HOTEL DESIGN TRENDS for 2019!


local art in Hotel design trends

Another important trend that is really thriving among hotel interior designers is the attention to local realities and businesses: the purpose is trying to fight gentrification – and the resulting elimination of local entities – for a more inclusive situation in which guest can really experience the place’s specific culture, thanks to services, art workshops, concerts and meeting and, in this way, obtaining a more wholesome guest experience.

local art in Hotel design trends

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