How Designers Master Office Design

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Have you ever wondered how designers master office design? Designing an office means knowing the desires of a client and the limitations of the space.  The office is a space of work. But you also need to know how to creatively go around them if needed. Become an office design expert with Insplosion.

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Tom Dixon


Both these Office ambiences are designs by Tom Dixon for the McCann Erickson Advertising Agency. Thus, this project was mostly designed as an open-spaced office model, where you have a mix of both social and workspaces, some more separated than others.

The ambience above shows a modern look. Indeed, there are defined geometrical shapes, metal texturized surfaces, texturized walls. Of course, there’s also the use of the Tom Dixon Void Collection in silver metallic. It creates a clear contrast in the colour scheme, using bright metallic silver with black velvet on the sofas and black textures on the walls. Furthermore, there’s a mix of industrial look with the cement floor and exposed the rough surface of the ceiling.

On the other hand, the ambience below is much brighter. Although maintaining the industrial look through the floor and ceiling, it uses a lot of nature inspirations. The room has the Tom Dixon Slab Desk made of natural oak, blended in with geometrical curved copper lighting designs. Finally, there are indoor plants and surrounding windows.



Clive Wilkinson Architects

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Office space designed by Clive Wilkinson Architects for Pallotta TeamWorks, an American charity event company. The company wanted new headquarters with a different vibe, in a warehouse and with a reduced budget. Given the reduced budget and the need to renovate the warehouse space, including need appliances such as air conditioning, the architects firm had to go for a creative path.

Clive Wilkinson Architects created a model of “breathing islands” as said, with suspended tents above them. The warehouse is divided in paths from one structure to the other. Moreover, these structures are actually a large number of shipping containers painted in bright colours. They come in blue and orange, serving as offices and meeting rooms. Furthermore, the project was both socially responsible and sustainable.

The office rooms through alterations on shipping containers were prepared to be fully used as offices. They even have large windows and electrical appliances. Some containers were organized through “buildings”, with ones above the others, connected through wood stairs. Some served as offices, others as a hangout place, as a kitchen facility and so on.


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