How To Decorate Living Room Like an Interior Designer

Needing some changes within your interior decor? Tired of having the same style living room? Seeing those gorgeous and stunning houses on Instagram, Pinterest, or TV shows? Do not worry, you do not need to hire an expensive Interior Designer.  Actually, your first step should be to know what style you want and follow our tips of How to Decorate Living Room Like an Interior Designer. It is that simple!

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1. Find Content Source of How to Decorate Living Room


So many users, on Instagram, are sharing their ideas, daily life captures, foodporn and etc! However, have you ever seen how many interior designers are updating their profiles with the newest projects and interior design trends? Could you imagine how many of them exist on Instagram? Insplosion, got your back with this – within daily inspirations, we share most wanted and most stunning interior designer’s projects. Therefore, you will for sure find millions of inspirations on how to decor the living room, bedroom, or even your entryway!


That is the source full of living room ideas, styles, wall colors, and even diy crafts and tips! If you want to be like an expert and find the best way of how to decorate the living room, spend some hours here! Check our profile –


Well, did you know that on Insplosion Inspirational website you could find not only how to decorate the living room but as well as Millions of Inspirations, by the room, style, and colors?



Besides well known, Elle decor, AD magazine, and many others, we would suggest our favorite one – Coveted Magazine. Issued by specific themes to cover most recent trends and news of the interior design world, interviews from the best interior designers and architects. Clearly, it is something worth to check!

2. Color Schemes

Anyways, you must know what color palette you are aiming for and what reflects best your style. Here is some most trending living room colors:

Neutral Living Room

Black Living Room

Colorful Living Room

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3. Unique Style Furniture

Furthermore, a living room furniture set is something you want to consider very seriously. Distinctive style reflecting your taste and of course – Quality! How to decorate a living room and choose the perfect furniture for it, you ask? Mix and match, shapes, and styles but of course remember your color palette!


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4. Decor Details

At last, once you pick the furniture, color palette, and saved your favorite mood boards or Instagram projects, the last step of How to Decorate a Living Room is clearly some decoration. Go back to those inspirations and see what you like the most! Likewise, a unique and modern floor lamp, a stunning rug, painting on the wall, or maybe a beautiful flower?

Now, do you feel ready to remodel your living room? Share your projects on Instagram with #shareyourinspiration #millionsofinspirations

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