How to Master Bedroom Closet Designs

How to master bedroom closet designs?  A closet is the intimate space inside the intimate space. As so, they’ve become quite a big trend.

Usually associated with a women space, as an extension of a woman’s wardrobe, closets are more common than ever. Even men want a closet for suits, other clothes and shoes.

Closets consist of a space made for a multitude of wardrobes, shelves, some storage even.

But nowadays, a closet is for so much more than just organizing or storing clothing. It’s a trend to create a full room, an intimate place. This is a personal space for you to get dressed and put some makeup on.

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The Best Bedroom Closet Projects


This Closet Room by Luxxu is a perfect example of an intimate room with functionality. The room is inspired on dark palettes.  It’s a great choice of dark wood and dark grey patterned floors, with only a white wall for contrast. Given the colour schemes and general mood, it might be a better fit for a man’s closet.

The space is elegant. It has glamour and you can have everything clothing related completely organized. The creation of small spaces in the wall for the shoes is also a great idea. Consequently, the room manages to be both organized and distinctive.

Yet, the true highlight is the idea of having a little personal space. You can create one through the side table and armchair.



This Closet Room by Koket is the perfect design for a woman’s space.

On one hand, the colour scheme could be more feminine. It would reflect the idea of a woman’s closet. However, black is perfect for the room. Indeed, this color evokes the idea of sensuality and dressing up. Besides, the contrast of the floor, the use of gold and black mix on décor, adjusts very well with the darker scheme.

Furthermore, the idealization of the rest of the room is magnificent. Indeed, it creates an intimate space for a woman to dress up and fix her makeup. Besides, the final touch of the shelves in front of the dressing table, filled which shoes, just reinforces the idea that woman do love their shoes and do love a closet.

So, do you know how to master bedroom closet designs now?

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