Today, we are immersing ourselves in the ceramic world. Our focus? The groundbreaking project Grand Carpet by Antonio Citterio, the final product of the fructuous collaboration between the top firm Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and the Morazzi group, the international leading player in ceramic tiles at Milan Design Week 2017. Are you interested in an extremely unique reinvention of ceramic techniques? Keep reading!


Antonio Citterio doesn’t need to be introduced, does he? The interior designer architect is renowned for his sophisticated and timeless projects (that’s why he is called the “Gentleman of Design”). This project, a synergy with the Morazzi group – famous for its cutting-edge ceramic technics from the 30s – shows all the masterful capabilities of Antonio Citterio. Imagine an oriental carpet and its characteristic motifs: the designers transformed its very controlled composition in a modern way. The result? The various Persian carpet’s patterns are printed on porcelain stoneware slabs (120×240 cm) creating a large, repetitive but, at the same time, very unique designs.

The Grand Carpet by Antonio Citterio – with its minimalistic and timeless elegant essence – might seem a very simple project apparently, but it is deeply connected to oriental symbolism, capable of bringing out all the beauty of the ceramic material. Profound inspirational were the Kolam tradition (rice floor decorations) and the Indian temporary tattoo tradition “Mehindi”.

The fragmented pattern’s aim is not to recreate the perfect geometric pattern of the carpet, but to evoke an evanescent perception, based on the dynamic perspective of the onlooker. If the inspiration has ancient roots in the oriental world, the method used is completely opposite, creating an artistic estrangement that enhances the ceramic tile’s perfection: a contemporary language of pixel and dots. What could be more innovative?

The Grand Carpet project presents six different modules, in two versatile color shades – Sand and Smoke – are actually multipurpose: not only they can be used for flooring decorations, but also for vertical surfaces (indoor and outdoor). The revolutionary concept, extremely adaptable without losing the connection to its artistic and symbolic traditions – really displays the genius of Antonio Citterio.

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