Interior Design Hacks: How To Have a Luxury Home

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Ever flipped through a glossy home decor or shelter magazine and simply shrugged and found it near impossible to create such an effectively luxurious and alluring look on your own? We’ve gathered a few interior design hacks to help you out. Just ask any interior designer and they’ll be sure to tell you that achieving an elegant feel for an elevated everyday isn’t all that mystifying! But they’re trained experts, and you don’t have an endless budget to work with.

Well, just like with the way you present yourself in the best way possible when needed, the same can be said for your home. In fact, according to the interior designers at firm Décor Aid, it’s not as challenging as you may initially think it is. Here, they’ve shared some inspiring decor hacks to help you create a more luxurious home without having to take out a second mortgage.

living room with staircaseSTART FROM THE BOTTOM UP


Ask any interior designer where the best place to begin decorating or rethinking a room’s decor is and they’ll instantly tell you to start from the ground up. By doing so, you’ll have an easier time reassessing the area you have to work with and what kind of furniture placement would make the room feel more glamorous. From a fresh polishing to a coat of paint to a vibrant new rug, think of flooring as a vital foundation and starting point in any room.



bedroom with striped walls RETHINK WALL TREATMENTS


A fresh coat of paint can make all the difference in recreating a room along with a room-defining wall covering or a statement-making accent wall that will also lend it more depth. No matter the direction you go, make sure that you’ll be happy with your color choice for seasons to come as while paint is inexpensive, it can be tedious to redo too often.






Another inexpensive route to a quick room refresh that will make it feel all the more grand is to opt for adding striking crown molding that will also make a room appear larger than it is. You can also paint your new additions a luxurious black to really amp up the ‘wow’ factor. And when it comes to high-traffic areas like a stairwell, pre-cut panels that are easy to install will also help to effectively combat everyday wear and tear.




living room with heirloom accessories

Though you’re looking to make your home look and feel more expensive in an everyday manner doesn’t mean that you’ll need to take out a second mortgage just to do so effectively. Instead, be resourceful when sourcing elevated furnishings. Ask relatives for hand-me-downs and scour local second-hand shops and online retailers as vintage furnishings were made much better with many boasting fascinating details and features that you simply cannot find when it comes to newly constructed, affordable furniture. Plus, your home will look all the more unique and you’ll get to enjoy the thrill of the hunt in the process.


dining room with windows

Luxury Brands

Stylish mirrors and high-shine metallic decorative objects can be found affordably and are easy to source from just about anywhere. They’ll not only amp the everyday appeal of a room with glamorous notes, but they’ll also make it appear larger and brighter at that.

living room with various textures and decorations CREATE PLAYS ON TEXTURE


One of the best interior design hacks we can teach you about is to focus on texture. From tassels to fringe to sumptuous fabrics like velvet and silk, create an expensive feel via soothing fabrications and trim that evoke a heady sense of everyday beauty. And do pile them on for a seriously elevated feel.






living room with art pieces

Though fine art is always almost worth the investment, do once again, get creative when it comes to bringing striking art pieces in your own home. And because no luxurious home will ever have a ‘live, laugh, love’ sign in it, do skip out on motivational art altogether. Instead, if you can’t stretch your budget for genuine affordable art, do splurge on mattes and frames and have prints and posters framed for a grownup take on the inspiring effects of art.

dining room with big wondowsBRING IN EXPANSIVE WINDOW TREATMENTS


When it comes to window treatments opt for affordable panels that are extra long and let them pool on the floor for a languid yet relaxed effect. You can also layer them up for an extra luxurious feel. But if you aren’t blessed with a full bank of windows, trick the eye by covering an entire wall with curtains for a grand effect. You can also hide unsightly blinds with panels for a more elegant look. All in all, floor to ceiling curtains will make any room appear larger and more expensive.






living room with a different height lighting scheme

Don’t simply rely on standard and clinical overhead lighting any longer. Instead go for an upgrade by creating a layered lighting scheme with wall lamps, sconces, and candles set about at different heights for a more warm and comforting effect that will feel all the more decadent. We hope these interior design hacks have helped you. Now, go forth and create your luxury home!

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