Interior Design Trends: Explore This Summer’s Unique Designs

Interior Design Trends: Summer has officially here, and the design industry is now talking about summer interior design trends! The new season’s fashion trends are influencing new home trends, so it’s time to change your home decor by using what you currently have, customizing it for the trends, and adding a few new items. To inspire you for this summer and the forthcoming Fall Trends, Boca do Lobo Blog will present you with the main trends to watch out for along with some unique furniture items!

Keep reading to know the most unique interior design trends of this summer!

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The Latest Interior Design Trends For This Summer

The design community is eager to see trends that reflect our readiness to feel bigger and bolder than before, ready to occupy space and make a fun statement with stained glass, volume, and vibrant colors. Nature’s effect is undoubtedly there at the same time. Organic forms and textures in natural tones have taken the place of hard lines and flawlessly polished surfaces.

Interior Design Trends
Puffy Furniture

One of the new interior design trends is seductively voluminous furniture. Because smooth, balloon-like curves are here to stay, choose curving couches and large armchairs. This daring but colorful style sometimes referred to as neotenic design, is an attractive complement to any contemporary interior.

Soleil Armchair

Versailles Armchair

Colorful Glass

The past year has seen a rise in demand for Murano glass. While smokey and light grey glass has recently been the favored option, colored glass is finally having its time.

Lapiaz Table Lamp
Feel Green Table Lamp
Lapiaz Table Lamp

Freeform Coffee Tables

Changing your coffee table will instantly improve the look and feel of your whole living area. Free-form coffee tables, which come in a range of materials and sizes, have a contemporary Parisian feel.

The 80’s Neutral Vibes

The interior design trends of the ’80s fashion are making a comeback. In the interior, it has also made a comeback in the form of warm neutral colors and, once more, neotenic design, which is characterized by slick constructions and shapely forms. The style is most effectively done with a chair or sofa for a very contemporary, entertaining, but cozy look. To embrace the aesthetic, use items that are cream or tan.

Purple Decor

Very Peri, a joyful shade of purple that is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2022, will be widely used this year. The ideal hue for people who don’t mind taking chances and feel bold! Any home that tries out this idea is bound to be inspired and have fun with it.

Monochrome Sideboard

Rustic Finishes

The new modern interpretation of rustic interior design trends has been growing, with an aesthetic that expresses subtle beauty.

Sulivan Nesting Table

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