A living room based on the wood interior winter trend.

Interior Winter Trends 2019 & 2020

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2019 has just begun and we still have all the summer trends appearing right now, but it can’t be a bad thing to think ahead about all the interior winter trends for 2019 & 2020. Many interior designers and design experts are already thinking about the next color or material tendencies that will barge into our home. If you have already done a renovation you don’t have to sweat! Some of this year trends are still going strong.

Let’s see all the new interior winter trends!



A living room based on the living coral interior winter trend.

Pantone has decreed the color for 2019 and its authority will reign till the end of the year. Living coral – «An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone» like Pantone envisioned – will set a softer edge for your spaces and will be the perfect background for your decorations.


A bright dining room with a botanical wallpaper.

A sofa with a geometric wallpaper on the background.

Wallpapers have done a huge comeback and they are here to stay. Be prepared to bold prints like botanical motifs or intricate geometric patterns. In this case, “too much decorated” does not exist. They are the easiest way to restyle an old room and give immediately a new appearance.



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A moodboard based on the gold interior winter trend.

Metal – especially gold and brass – will still be a stable element in our houses. Not only it is used in more opulent styles but also in the minimalist ones. Often, just an accent of metal can give a more polished result than a full renovation. It will have a permanent spot in the interior winter trends of the future.


A moodboard based on the neo mint interior winter trend.

Another big hit will be the color Neo Mint: following the big success of pastel colors, this shade reinvents the already appreciated green in a paler and calmer shade. If you have appreciated pastel nuances in the past, now you will be sold for sure.


A living room based on the wood trend of the next interior winter trends

A new winter trend that is spreading right now utilizes wood in connection with earthy tones. The purpose is to give a more natural vibe and we are sure it will be a big presence in our houses next seasons. It will have a massive presence in the next interior winter trends.


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