Jean-Louis Deniot: The Renowned Parisian Interior Designer

Jean-Louis Deniot

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Who is Jean-Louis Deniot?

Jean-Louis Deniot is recognized for his eclectic and emblematic interiors. Is regularly featured in international publications making him one of the most published designers of today.

He has been featured in several interior design publications, such as Elle Decor and even AD 100 lists of the world’s greatest talents in architecture and interior design.

For him, style equates lifestyle – it must promote harmony and wellbeing.

Minimalism is not for Jean-Louis Deniot, nor is excess. Balance and osmosis is what he creates, offsetting the sometimes rigid facet of architecture with an inmost vision of refinement, comfort and openness making his creations around the world havens to revel in.

Adventurous by nature, Jean-Louis Deniot undertakes each project with the vigor and inquisitive nature particular to true visionaries.

His most recent projects

At the crossroads between classical terminology and contemporary aesthetics, Jean-Louis Deniot’s interiors are serene.

His decors feature no shortage of arresting materials and textures tempered with subtle color palettes, muted tones and impeccable lighting.

Eylau, Paris

Inspired by the look – Diana Wall Lamp

Eaton Square, London

Inspired by the look – D. Dinis Mirror

Upper East Side, New York

Inspired by the look – Patch Dining Table

Touraine, France

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