Johnston Marklee – An award-winning architecture firm

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Johnston Marklee

Have you heard about Johnston Marklee? It was founded in 1998 in Los Angeles by Sharon Johnston, FAIA, and Mark Lee.

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Since then, Johnston Marklee has been recognized nationally and internationally with over 40 major awards and numerous publications.

Projects undertaken by them are spanning fourteen countries throughout North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

Recent projects include the Menil Drawing Institute, in Houston, Texas; a renovation of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago; and the design of the new Dropbox global headquarters in San Francisco.

Dropbox Global Headquarters

The interior architecture of the new Dropbox headquarters reflects the changing nature of the workplace today, re-envisioning technology work as a creative and collaborative practice.

With a focus on wellness, daylighting, acoustics, and functional adaptability optimize the capacity of each zone for diverse working and learning modes.

Johnston Marklee - An award-winning architecture firm

MCA Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

Johnston Marklee sought to align the museum’s design with Chicago’s legacy: a city of museums set in magnificent parks. The result was fabulous architecture that fits perfectly with its surroundings.

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The interior is fun and city-like, with contrasting colors that bring a unique brightness to space.

Johnston Marklee - An award-winning architecture firm

Menil Drawing Institute

The design of the MDI honors the legacy of intimacy and direct engagement with art that underlies the domestic and institutional character of the Menil campus.

Within the courtyards, trees bring shade to space, creating a pleasant atmosphere. The huge windows throughout the space bring in natural light while providing a welcome view.

Johnston Marklee - An award-winning architecture firmJohnston Marklee - An award-winning architecture firm

These were just Johnston Marklee‘s most recent projects but they have many more for you to discover!

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