Russian designer Kirill Istomin is considered a real celebrity of the design field in Russia and one of the most accomplished designers in his country and beyond. Having founded his own design firm – “Kirill Istomin Interior Design and Decoration” – in 2002 with offices in New York and Moscow, his successful creations have been on everyone’s lips since then.

Pavillion at the Chinese Village (St. Petersburg)

With a degree from Parsons School of Design in New York in his resume, Kirill Istomin went to work for the leading design firm Parish-Hadley that, with projects for its famous clientele composed of Jacqueline Kennedy, Brooke Astor, Oscar De la Renta, and the Rockefeller family, helped the Russian designer with the creation of his specific style.

His artistic personality shines through the various projects like a beacon: from antiques, for which he has a real passion (and an obsession for chandeliers!) to his penchant for colors that don’t allow him to create even a single neutral room. The results are extremely fascinating works displaying Kirill Istomin’s strong and personal aesthetics

Russian Country House

“That’s what true decorating is about. You don’t take it seriously. You play with your ideas.”

Even though he is all around Russian, he is the master of the American style in his home country and France, Italy, Russia, Kazakhstan, the United States, and Great Britain: with the Apartment a-la-Russe Kirill Istomin tried to recreate an American apartment in Moscow thanks to bright colors, wallpapers, and fabrics typical of a Manhattan loft; instead, the Winter Garden Residence maintains a nature-immersed and inspired trend in which the color green in all its tones is the principal characters while the four-poster daybed gives a certain coziness to the interior.

His eye for colors and masterly use of layers translate in flamboyant and vibrant interiors, highly recognizable as results of the inventiveness of Kirill Istomin.

Winter Garden Residence

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