Las Vegas: Lisa Escobar Design

Lisa and her team create more than just beautiful spaces, they create solutions. To deliver well-received, high-impact designs, they focus first on understanding clients’ needs. The client-designer dynamic is a top priority as it takes finesse and structure to collaborate and partner in the creation of a space.


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By investing in a relationship with this well-orchestrated team, clients gain a sense of comfort in knowing that all the moving parts of their project are in sync. The Lisa Escobar Design team manages the details, communication, and process, so clients’ involvement is minimal. With a bespoke strategy and design in place, the Lisa Escobar Design team executes concepts emphasizing functionality and the user’s experience of a space.

Layering vibrant and luxe textures throughout, seamlessly creating a palette and aesthetic of the balanced design.

Combining softer elements with bolder features makes for understated elegance.

Designing personalized pieces of furniture, art, and décor that are a perfect fit for your space.


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