Luxury Bathroom Ideas From San Diego Interior Designers

Luxury Bathroom Ideas

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San Diego has the kind of rich landscape that can inspire a great interior design. With this in mind, these San Diego Interior Designers are among the best and most inspired in their field. Their award-winning transformations have reimagined the dullest rooms into the most exciting creations. That is a perfect match for San Diego’s rich history and exciting future. In today’s article, we will talk about the most Luxury Bathroom Ideas from San Diego Interior Designers.


1. BlueGrape Staging

BlueGrape Staging has redefined home staging in the San Diego market by creating exceptional buyer experiences that support superlative real estate sales, through fresh designs and an incredible team. The studio has curated their in-house team and developed a strategy and process that is proven to bring them and their clients’ success in each home that they staged.



2. Blythe Interiors


Jennifer Verruto started Blythe Interiors 10 years ago as a one-woman show from her home office. She was working at a model home design firm by day and was taking on little side projects for friends and family on nights and weekends.

Inspire By The Look:  Diamond Big Mirror

3. Bungalow 56

Bungalow 56 Interiors is a full-service interior design firm located in California. They believe that good design starts with the smallest of inspirations. Their goal is to guide clients through the design process from initial ideas to placing the last pillow on the sofa. Bungalow 56 Interiors can assist with ground-up construction projects, complete remodels, kitchen + bath remodels, furniture, and styling accessories. The studio tailors a blend of organic and contemporary design elements to create gorgeously curated spaces.

Inspire By The Look: Shirley Mirror

4. CM Natural Designs

Corine Maggio founded CM Natural Designs in 2011 with a strong understanding of the human experience of space. This humanistic approach is apparent in everything the firm does from the personalization of design, pricing transparency, honesty, and accessibility throughout the design process.


5. Darcy Kempton

Founded by Darcy Kempton in 2010, Simply Stunning Spaces was built on a foundation of creativity, design expertise, and a genuine desire to help people. They believe everyone deserves to have a home that looks good and feels good and strive to make this possible for everyone who desires it. The goal is always to keep decision-making simple and the process fun! The studio works collaboratively as a team to help the clients visualize, decide and realize their dream home- from start to finish.


6. Dawson Design Group

Dawson Design Group is a full-service interior design firm specializing in all things fun and modern. They work closely with architects and builders on new construction and large-scale renovations to ensure each client’s expectations are fully realized and each home becomes a living work of art. The studio is all about unexpected details, clean lines, and livable spaces.


7. Everything Creative Designs

ECD is one of the leading staging companies in the industry, with a proven track record. Within the company, ECD now boasts over 20 employees including talented designers, artists, and movers, our team is bigger than ever and continues to grow. The most important aspect of their company is the wonderful clients they support each day.


8. Esteban Interiors

Esteban Interiors, named after its founder Esteban Lopez, is a professional interior design company in Mission Hills, San Diego, California that exemplifies quality. They strive to exceed clients’ expectations by bringing their interests and desires into a collaborative design. Esteban is known to introduce new concepts and products that reflect the client’s individual needs and personal style. They believe that good design is timeless, and quality of design and materials are essential.


9. Hope Pinc Design

Hope Pinc Design has been actively involved in the San Diego design community.  Her design philosophy is to provide clients with practical solutions that celebrate and reflect both party’s individual styles and tastes.  Hope’s goal is not only to transform her client’s space but to transform it in the way the client views it – a result that’s nothing but beautiful. With her experience over the last 11 years, Hope Pinc is able to guide each project with her client’s style and needs in mind-creating a seamless solution that is innovative, thought-provoking, and visually spectacular.


10. House & Harmony Design Studio

Claudia Davis is an interior designer, home decorator/homestyle, and decorating blogger. She has over 15 years of experience in the field and loves to help clients find solutions for their design projects, by listening to their decorating problems and translating their vision into the perfect space they deserve. Claudia has a practical and collaborative approach with her clients.


11. J Hill Interiors

Founded in 2010 by Jessica Hill-Tompane, J Hill Interiors, Inc. is recognized throughout San Diego as one of the best interior design firms for uniquely curated designs and styles that endure. Their team’s varied specialties, professional experiences, and global travels provide a rich resource and enable them to craft beautifully curated spaces. More than sourcing decor, fixtures, and materials, J Hill Interiors designs around the people and the moments that matter most. However, this approach has set them apart from the beginning and continues to shape how the studio leads each project and designs every interior.


12. Jules Wilson Design Studio

With 26 years of experience in the design industry and the inception of Jules Wilson Design Studio in 2005, Jules has developed a reputation nationally as a designer that delivers tailored spaces that enhance and elevate the user experience. Uninhibited by trend and ignited by bold elegance and tactile materiality, her smart and understated design aesthetic keeps clients and end-users satisfied for years. Now focused on her unique palette of services – Visioning, Schematic Architecture, Integrated Hardscape, and Interiors, she looks forward to making her design impact all-encompassing.

Inspire By The Look: Metropolitan Washbasin


13. Kristin Lomauro


Kristin Lomauro Interior Design is based in the Point Loma area of San Diego. She and her team have been designing interiors for over 25 years. Starting her design career in Los Angeles followed by many years in Manhattan, New York, collectively these cities greatly influenced and enhanced the design style that Kristin is known for today.  With a seamless merge of clean lines with texture and color, mixing antiques and vintage finds, she layers modern design elements to finesse the environment of all her client’s homes.


14. Liz Tapper Interiors

Liz Tapper Interiors’ design philosophy is straightforward. To design with purpose, definition, and focus on creating spaces that are beautiful, distinctive, functional, and comfortable. Her work is informed by her education as a textile designer and through the knowledge gained and skills developed over her interior design endeavors.


15. M. Swab Décor Style

M. Swab Décor Style is a boutique design firm that specializes in creating spaces with a definitive “Wow” factor. Their clients are individuals and businesses that value cutting-edge creativity, high-end style, and mindful attention to detail. At M. Swabb, the team strives to work with you on a deeper level in order to bring more good into their clients’ life. Their fresh and intensely personal approach to design starts with setting intentions, establishing goals, and working together.



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