The recipient for the Designer of the Year 2019 Award of Maison et Objet for her Parisian and international projects. Interior designer Laura Gonzalez is living a particular successful phase of her professional life. INSPLOSION wants to celebrate Laura Gonzalez: Designer Of The 2019 and her eclectic aesthetics!


First of all, the French designer founded her small Paris-based design company in 2008. It happened after she gains a degree in architecture at the Paris-Malaquais School of Architecture. After, Laura Gonzalez started appearing on the design scenes making a name for herself with nightclub and trendy bar projects. Nowadays, she is totally comfortable in the luxury interior design field. Moreover, she completed several shops for Cartier, outlets for pastry chef Pierre Hermé. As well as, Louboutin boutiques in Amsterdam, Dubai, and Barcelona.

Noto (Paris)


Based on a “revisited classical” style – she didn’t let her stay put but managed to let her shine in different kinds of interior design projects. For some of them, Laura Gonzalez was capable of breathing new life in their interiors. Furthermore, she brings them at the apex of their design success (the Alcazar, Hotel Christine, the Brasserie La Lorraine).  Besides, others had been created from scratch, respecting the imprint that the designers wanted to provide from the beginning.

86Champs (Paris)

La Gare (Paris)

The interiors she created to display a classical influence transformed, through the use of different fabrics, motifs, and materials. Moreover, in her eclectic atmospheres, bespoke accessories and curious details catch the onlookers’ attention. Further, totally immersed in her typical vision are some of her latest projects, such as La Gare. It’s a restaurant resembling a Parisian brasserie with her botanical and colorful decorations. Likewise, it exudes some traveling inspiration from Mediterranean coasts.

Cartier flagship store (Paris)

Another project has been the refurbishing of a Cartier flagship store at Place Vendôme in Paris.  There she managed to take advantage of the historical building and its refined features with the use of contrasting and colorful materials. Also,  she used other design elements –  inspired by the luxury jewelry brand and commissioned to artisans and craftsmen, such as Bernard Pictet and Etienne Rayssac. As well as François Mascarello.


Finally, from interior design projects to furniture collections, Laura Gonzalez has extended her reach designing a new furniture range. Furniture collection will come out soon and will be presented at Vexin. Furthermore, the place designer restored from an old historical mansion to a living showroom. As she revealed:

“My furniture is very “me”: everything is bespoke, you can choose the color of a chair, combine an endless number of fabrics on a fireside chair… The pieces in the collection will sit alongside one-off creations designed hand-in-hand with craftsmen, as well as vintage finds. Hunting for vintage pieces is another of my passions.”

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