Maison Sarah Lavoine: A Vision of Color

Maison Sarah Lavoine: A Vision of Color

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Sarah Lavoine created her interior design studio in 2002. From the outset, her clients recognized her innate talent and ability to transform spaces. Working on a wide variety of projects, from private homes to public spaces, she quickly forged strong convictions about the use of space, light, and color.

Her signature style also incorporates a mixture of styles and origins elegance and comfort, it is the embodiment of a cosmopolitan Parisian spirit. Major projects, each an individual prototype, punctuate her interior design career.  Sarah has a vision of color, for every project, she goes back to her palette and chooses particular color associations to give each place a singular atmosphere. Her brand, Maison Sarah Lavoine, fully embodies those ideals across all its activities.

Apartment New York

Inspired By The Look: ZELDA SINGLE SOFA

Parisian garden level

Workshop, Paris 1st

Inspired By The Look: BOURBON SOFA

Apartment rue de Solferino, Paris 7th

Inspired By The Look: SHIRLEY MIRROR

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