Masquespacio New Collection: Shop Before it Sells Out

If you’re a  design enthusiast, then you know the incredible Spanish design duo, Masquespacio, was preparing a one-of-a-kind collection in collaboration with the Portuguese mid-century Brand, Essential Home. A unique collection, in fact, and we are going to finally show you the pieces that have just been launched!
Masquespacio New Collection: Shop Before it Sells Out
Masquespacio is an award-winning creative consultancy created in 2010 by Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse. On the other hand, Essential Home is mid-century-inspired design brand with a high-quality production known all around the world. The final result of the partnership between Masquespacio and mid-century brand Essential Home is a peerless collection.

Patterson Dining Chair by Masquespacio

The Patterson dining chair, inspired by Neva Patterson’s iconic role in the romantic “An Affair To Remember” movie, this unique dining chair shines on its own with its simplicity and exclusive attention to detail.

Nesbitt Dining and Armchair by Masquespacio

The perfect Nesbitt dining and armchair by Masquespacio. Its unique round shapes and clean material combinations are what make this seating design timeless and gracious.


McCarey Bar Chair by Masquespacio

The McCarey Bar Chair by Masquespacio is as versatile as it is fun, making it the perfect mid-century furniture piece to incorporate in your kitchen project or an ultra-modern hotel bar.


Cary Dining Table

The Cary dining table is a unique masterpiece inspired by Cary Grant, this sole furniture piece is the perfect match for the Kerr Dining chair designs, creating a strong visual impact in the ambiance thanks to the use of gold and terrazzo.


CHARLIE Suspension Lamp

Charlie suspension lamp represents a lighting design that is made with three strong round shapes fixtures that translate both presence and style into any project type, from a hotel bar to a modern dining room space.


Fawcett Wall Lamp

The Fawcett wall lamp is inspired by the colors that the actress Farrah  Fawcett made her own, highlighting her radiance and cheerfulness with a blue touch. The star of the first Charlie’s Angels movie is considered to be one of the greatest female symbols of the 1970s thanks to her strong on-screen presence. Something that this unique wall lamp will add to your project, with a minimum effort.


Flon Dining Chair

Thanks to its glamorous look, the unique Flon dining chair will bring a shabby chic look to your mid-century dining room space or fabulous restaurant project.

As you just saw, the final result of the partnership between Masquespacio and mid-century brand Essential Home is a peerless collection.  The idea behind the Hollywood Glamour collection is to connect the past and the present by reviving the bright side of old Hollywood glam.


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