Mid-Century Modern Living Room: Millions of Inspirations

Mid-Century Modern Living Room

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If you are a fan of the mid-century modern design style you are on the right article! Here you will find the best living room ideas with this design style! Hope you like it!

Matheny Round Suspension by DelightFull, is the perfect mid-century piece if you want to capture the attention of your guests. Look how it fits perfectly in this beautiful living room idea.


This stunning living room inspiration with an incredible view is localized in Paris! Inspired by Tina Turner’s electrifying dance moves, the Turner Floor Lamp by DelightFull is ideal for any hotel design project, because this art deco piece will fit perfectly in a modern lobby entrance or next to a mid-century lounge chair.

Shop the look: Turner Floor Lamp by DelightFull

A living room idea with yellow and brown tones with stunning luxury furniture pieces by Fiona Barrat!


Another design by Fiona Barrat, this time is an outdoor living room in neutral tones. What can be better for the summer?

The Laine Suspension Lamp by DelightFull was inspired by the iconic era that brought so much culture to the world. So, extravagant and delicate are the perfect words to describe it.

This set of spotlights arranged like magic is in your home. It comes to redefine what mid-century lighting is all about has just a modern ceiling light can do.


Minelli Armchair by Essential Home and the Brubeck Floor Lamp by DelightFull are perfect pieces for a Mid-Century decoration. They can give a unique touch to any living room idea!


The Minelli Bookcase by Essential Home is the perfect bookcase inspiration with a mid-century design! This furniture piece calls attention in the best way. It provides elegance and space with its walnut wood and smoked glass shelves.

Shop the look: Minelli Bookcase by Essential Home

This luxury living room design by Katharine Pooley, is a beautiful and relaxing living room idea!

The built-in cabinet is just the right element to cover any wall. It brings a very functional and practical side to your room. Besides, you can always fill it with beautiful accessories.


The Fitzgerald Modular Sofa by Essential Home remember us the shape of Italian architecture. Combined with the Botti Floor Lamp by DelightFull is the perfect example that art and interior design.

Shop the look: Fitzgerald Modular Sofa by Essential Home

Coltrane Suspension Lamp is a simple suspended ceiling light handmade in steel. Is one of DelightFull top best sellers. With a minimalist and industrial feeling to it. It isn’t too hard to understand where the modern mid-century inspiration lies. 

Shop the look: Coltrane Suspension Lamp by DelightFull

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