Monte Carlo Casino: Interior Design Wonders of Monaco
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Monte Carlo Casino: Interior Design Wonders of Monaco

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Have you heard of the Monte Carlo Casino? Of course you have! Even in a place as luxurious as Monaco, this venue stands out as one most gorgeous, iconic places. From its Belle Époque origins to James Bond, we’ll help you discover this stunning interior design wonder.

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Nearly 160 Years of History

In fact, the official name for the building is Casino de Monte-Carlo. It’s actually an entertainment complex that includes a Ballet and an Opera! When it was built, in the 1850s and at the orders of the royal family, the building was actually quite an odd bet. In fact, the lack of roads and proper infrastructure in Monaco at the time didn’t promise much success for this venture. Yet, the casino eventually began to turn a profit. Then, it finally saw a major improvement with the takeover of François Blanc.

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Today, the Monte Carlo casino is a part of the Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer, founded by Blanc himself. They own several hotels, restaurants and casinos in Monaco. Some, like the iconic Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo and the Hermitage Monte-Carlo, are right at the Place du Casino. However, some of them are seaside venues like The Monte-Carlo Beach or The Monte-Carlo Beach Resort.

Moreover, the Casino de Monte-Carlo is still one of the primary sources of income for both Grimaldi royal family and the entire Monaco economy!


James Bond’s Casino

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So, you may be asking, what about James Bond? Well, there is actually more than one James Bond connection here! Indeed, the venue appears as a setting in several iconic Bond movies, such as Never Say Never Again, with possibly the most iconic actor ever to play the role: the great Sean Connery. But he also returns to it in GoldenEye, this time played by the dashing Pierce Brosnan.

A Baroque Wonder

We started this article by calling this place an interior design wonder. Indeed, there’s more to this place than just a beautiful facade. Take a look at the baroque, opulent interiors, and you’ll realize exactly what we’re talking about.

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From the intricate ceiling designs to the use of marble, this is a truly stunning building. In fact, the opulent chandeliers are still emulated today, with many designs from Luxxu recalling just this kind of thing. Also notice the classy use of color. The deep blue contrasts with the shining gold, creating a truly beautiful combination.

Christmas Photos © CMC Facebook

Do you celebrate Christmas? Then you’ll love to know that they decorate the building for it every year. The contrast between red and gold is classic Holiday decor, but the absolute luxury is all theirs.

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