Neutral-Colored Living Room

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Neutral-Colored Living Room:  If you´re looking for some neutral inspiration for your living room project, this article is for you!

The curved but straightforward lines and the neutral colors provide a stunning, cozy ambience!

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5 Best Inspirations To Get A Perfect Living Room Design


Neutral-Colored Living Room



We Defy to Get Inspired

Sherman Sofa

Essential Home


Essential Home’s Sherman Sofa pays homage to mid-century modern sofas while incorporating a dash of modernity, style. Sherman’s entire design is centered on comfort, but when you take one look at this mid-century object, sophistication becomes apparent.  Afterwards, this sofa transports you back in time to the mid-century era with its magnificent velvet and polished brass, making it the timeless style to have in your home.


Philip Center Table

Essential Home

Luxury Brands

Ezra’s difficult design thoughts are taken on by Philip Center Table, who then expresses them in a brand-new, organic style. Additionally, the design of this magnificent center table is based on several geometrical round shape variants and adopts the unique base design of the magnificent dining table.


Zelda Single Sofa

Essential Home


Made in partnership with Studiopepe. The boundaries of the new modern design perspective are seriously pushed and redefined by the Zelda single sofa.


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