Nicolehollis: A Source Of Design Inspiration

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Meet NICOLEHOLLIS, an American company based in California that is led by creative director and principal Nicole Hollis in partnership with her husband, CEO Lewis Heathcote.

This interior design company stands out for the embellishment of amazing settings, along with the perfect arrangement of luxurious and mesmerizing furniture. Is a top American interior design firm that is able to present amazing and timeless interiors.

They offer a holistic approach to their design identity, through the establishment of residential, hospitality, and product design. Here are a few examples.


Art, the outdoors, and social entrepreneurship all consciously and subconsciously influenced the design process

Nicolehollis: A Source Of Design Inspiration Nicolehollis: A Source Of Design Inspiration

Thousand Oaks

A custom-built family home with the heart of a modern farmhouse

Luxury Brands

A Source Of Design InspirationNicolehollis: A Source Of Design Inspiration

The Angler’s Hotel

Like the glimmers of treasure from a shipwreck, a materials palette of hand-woven rope, wood, marble, and polished brass

A Source Of Design Inspiration A Source Of Design Inspiration

The Palladian

Accents of gold, reminiscent of the gold rush.

A Source Of Design Inspiration

NICOLEHOLLIS has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest, GQ, 1stdibs Introspective, and other publications. They have also been recognized with awards within the hospitality and residential industries, through the most amazing and innovative settings.

We’re looking forward to seeing the next innovative projects developed by Nicolehollis. Join INSPLOSION and discover everything about this amazing company!

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