Noz Design: Eclectically Modern Spaces

Noz Design

Noz Design is a full-service interior design firm based in San Francisco. Serve clients on residential and select commercial projects throughout the Bay Area and from coast to coast.

With a focus on eclectically modern spaces, Noz Design creates effortlessly bold and well-appointed homes. Their projects not only reflect dwellers’ lifestyles and tastes but also maximize a space’s functionality and a project’s budget.

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Noz followed her lifelong passion and launched her own firm with an approach that combines luxury with flea market finds, natural materials with new technologies, and hits of bold color with texture to create original spaces.

Among the nominations for awards, it is easy to highlight some such as Architectural Digest Rising Star in 2020, House Beautiful Next Wave Designer in 2020, Sunset Magazine’s Best Designer of the West 2020.

Pac Heights Residence

This stately pre-1906 residence was fully renovated with an eye toward bringing more openness and light into the home by intersecting modern lines with preserved architectural ornamentation throughout the house.

Firehouse Family House

Its hosting spaces’ luxury interiors were architecturally beautiful and only needed furnishings, finishes, and lighting.

Noz Design‘s approach is designed to work efficiently within the busy and technology-connected lives of its customers. It starts by understanding each client’s practical needs and using visual social networks + online content to uncover your preferences and tastes. The company curates the right ensemble of furnishings, materials, colors, and layout to create a home that is beautiful and feels right.

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