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ODG Interiors

“The timeless allure and design sensibility of every home should be a true reflection of its occupants.”

This is how Ohara Davies-Gaetano introduces himself and his company – ODG Interiors. This is her working motto and it is based on it that she creates her designs. Each one should translate and capture life’s past and future moments.

As the Principal Designer of ODG Interiors, Ohara embodies a natural and artful approach to design. Growing up within a family of artists in New York City, Ohara began her study of art and design at a young age.

Ohara offers her clients a timeless, unique, and personal design experience. She also carefully considers the individual needs of each client. Only then, she can develop personalized environments that have a vitality and life of their own.

This company has offices in Los Angeles, California, and Corona del Mar, California.

Providing comprehensive residential interior design services, Ohara’s portfolio includes a diverse range of project scope and genre of design – new construction design, renovations, and re-imagination of existing spaces.

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All projects are different, but there is always something in common among them. The works and dedication of ODG Interiors in offering its customers designs show excellence and attention to detail.

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