Pamplemousse Design – NYC Top Interior Design Projects

Pamplemousse Design: Top 10 Projects

Pamplemousse Design Inc was founded in the year 2000, describing themselves as “a full-service interior design company specializing in high-end residential projects”. And most importantly, they deliver! When it comes to interior design in the Big Apple Pamplemousse truly stands out, bringing a french flair to their projects mostly inspired by lead designer and founder Delphine Krakoff. Therefore after thorough research and analysis, we’ve selected our Top 10 projects by this amazing company.



01. The surf Club-Miami, Florida



A truly unique project that catches the eye, moreover it’s a massive project that consists of two combined apartments with seven bedrooms and a big dining and living area, big enough to bring together family and friends.




02. A Family Country Home-Bedford, New York


An amazing cottage house design with a modern-classic twist.




03. Clark House-New Canaan Connecticut


A project that really highlights the beauty in simplicity, however breathtaking nevertheless.




04. A Mansion on the Upper East Side-New York City


A project with an executive and luxurious take, filled with amazing art pieces and beautiful neutral tones.




05. An Historic Estate-East Hampton, New York

As the name suggests, this project represents a slightly more rustic/classic approach to the design, astonishing execution by Pamplemousse Design.



06. A Townhouse on the Upper East Side-New York City


City vibes, lots of natural lighting and a mid-century touch, is the simplest way to describe this project, Pamplemousse  Design excelling on all the styles.




07. A Family Brownstone-Carnegie Hill, New York City


Another Pamplemousse Design clean project, with the usual bright rooms and the great use of white tones.




08. A Modernist House-Southhampton, New York


Amazing use of the modern style with a mindful mix of earthy tones.




09. A Penthouse Triplex-Upper West Side, New York City


The penthouse of your dreams, astonishing artwork, and a careful choice on the decor, another bullseye by Pamplemousse Design.




10. A Contemporary Townhouse-East Side, New York City


Pamplemousse nailing styles left and right, a magnificent project proving that they can do it all.


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