Pantone 2021 Color Of The Year: Best Shades For Interior Design

And the Pantone 2021 Color of The Year is – two of them, actually! Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. A shade of grey and a shade of yellow, which complement each other perfectly. Whereas Ultimate is practical and rock solid, Illuminating is optimistic and warm. Just the kind of energy we need to face 2021. Read all about these amazing shades and get inspired with Insplosion!

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Pantone 2021 Color Of The Year The Best Shades

What is the Pantone Color of The Year?

So, what exactly IS the Pantone color of the year? Most importantly, why should you care? Well, Pantone is a New Jersey based company responsible for the Pantone Matching System (PMS), a color space used across a variety of industries. Think of it like this: a costumer wants to ask a graphic designer for yellow. Think of how many possible shades that could actually mean…

But with a color space/system like Pantone’s, they can ask for a specific shade of yellow through a unique identification code. If you’re an interior design lover, you’ve probably already used Pantone’s color standardization system, whether you realized it or not.

Consequently, what these guys say about color matters. Since 2000, Pantone’s experts have selected colors that reflect, nor only the latest trends across a variety of mediums, but also the actual state of the global cultural and social spheres.

Ultimate Gray + Yellow Illuminating

Alas, this year’s shades are PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating. Once again, this color scheme wants to invoke both solidity and joy. According to Pantone, the colors of 2021 will be all about resilience.

Honestly, cultural meaning aside, we’re kind of here for it. The yellow adds just the perfect touch of originality and brightness to the sobriety of the grey. There’s a lot you can do for a interior design project with these colors.

So, how are you going to combine these shades? We understand that it can be daunting to go into a project with a only a color scheme in mind. Fortunately, Insplosion has a few inspirations for you.

But fear not, we’ve gathered some projects just for you.

Pantone 2021 Color Of The Year: The Best Inspirations


This bold, edgy, entryway nails the combination of grey and yellow shades. Indeed, this project by Boca do Lobo evokes just the combination of strenght and brightness that the Pantone 2021 color of the year is meant to transmit.


This imposing Luxxu bedroom also goes for a more understated gold, but you can easily adapt it by picking Illuminating for the finishings. Once again, this is a truly adult color scheme, one that will leave you ready to face the dificulties of the day from the moment you leave your bed.


But you can use this color palette in contract interiors as well. Look at the chic quality the contrast between grey and yellow brings to this mid-century restaurant! Indeed, the sobriety of the grey counters the “old-fashioned” feel that can be a risk for certain mid-century designs. This place feels classy and classic, yes, but also utterly modern.

So, are you using these pantone colors in your next project? Let us know in the comments!


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