Park + Associates: Architecture as a Way of Life

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Park + Associates

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Park + Associates was founded in 1999, in Singapore. The studio has grown to be home to a collection of dedicated individuals who share both conceptual and aesthetic virtues.

For this company, the dialogue of architectural elements forms a space, takes it beyond its everyday, functional character.

Project Landing House

Park + Associates: Architecture as a Way of Life Park + Associates: Architecture as a Way of Life

The team pursues a vision of architecture as a fundamental articulation of space and form.

They constantly work to create coherent spaces where function and beauty speak a common language.

Office Ideas

In every piece of design they create, regardless of scale, they seek to create objects and spaces that reflect the character of the individual. Each project is personalized and crafted with rigor.

House 25

Architecture as a Way of LifeArchitecture as a Way of Life

Alongside its explorations of spaces, the firm remains sensitive to environmental concerns, seeking to appropriate environmentally friendly materials and strategies in each project.

Hudhufushi Maldives 

Architecture as a Way of Life Architecture as a Way of Life

Besides their remarkable projects in architecture and design, they are also a company concerned about the environment, their team, and their clients.

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