Park + Associates


Luxury Brands

Since it was established in 1999, Park + Associates has grown to be a studio made up of dedicated like-minded individuals that strive towards shared virtues both conceptual and aesthetic.

This rings true across all levels of experience within the office. The determination for them to achieve is strong, and as a result, produce an environment that is intense yet vibrant and conducive for enhancing design discourse.

They recognize the importance of people and the human experience in architecture. Understand the importance of architecture that has good bones. In every piece of design that they create, no matter the scale, they seek to create objects and spaces that resonate with the individual.

Office Ideas

Each project is customized and crafted with rigor through a painstaking process, building upon the clients’ expectations and challenging the studio’s body of work, whilst respectfully responding to the site context.

As such, they find themselves in very personal relationships with their clients, builders, and projects, ensuring absolute care and thought into every line that they put onto paper and its translation into built form.

At the end of each project that undergoes such scrutiny is a sense of reward and satisfaction that is unparalleled, filtering through all that were involved.


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