Patricia Urquiola Redesigns Ketall’s Barcelona Showroom

Patricia Urquiola Redesigns Ketall’s Barcelona Showroom

Outdoor furniture brand Kettal asked to have its Barcelona Showroom redesigned by the one and only Patricia Urquiola, showcasing an authentic celebration of Mediterranean outdoor living. 

Patricia Urquiola has built an outstanding reputation in the interior design industry, designing for the most important Italian and international companies. Her clientele includes the most sophisticated businesses, celebrities, and recently the luxury outdoor furniture Ketall in an authentic contemporary living showroom in Barcelona.

The Spanish furniture firm Ketall asked to have its Barcelona Showroom redesigned by the one and only Patricia Urquiola, that managed to transform the space into a stunning celebration of Mediterranean outdoor living.

Kettal’s vision for the new interior design was to create unique architectural features that could embrace the character of their furniture collection. And that’s precisely the result.

The showroom is located in a double-height space in Barcelona, and is split across the ground floor and a mezzanine level.

Urquiola was inspired by traditional Spanish typologies such as  the patio courtyard, which is reflected in the plant-filled atrium space.

The building’s ceiling was arranged in an assortment of bricks resembling a stunning Catalan Arch. On the walls, traditional ceramic tiles are used to create a rectangular grid – a pattern that is echoed throughout the showroom in various different scales and materials.

In order to define the showroom’s several zones within the open-plan layout, Urquiola opt out for timber frame screens fitted with modular planters, that were painted in subtle shades of grey and pink.

A staircase with open risers and glass panel balustrades was placed to provide sight lines across and between the floors.

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A wall exhibits to display shelving showcases of the brand’s array of seating designs.

The Spanish designer has been collaborating with Kettal since 2010, participating in 4 of the brand’s product collections, including as well a sheltered daybed structure called Kettal Cottage.

Source: Dezeen

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