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Peek Inside Of the Luxxu Urban Penthouse In Hong Kong

Urban Penthouse In Hong Kong By Luxxu

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Urban Penthouse: Many people believe Hong Kong’s skyline to be the most beautiful in the world, particularly from the harbor or the mountains. As a consequence, this became the ideal setting for Luxxu‘s latest housing project, a spectacular penthouse bursting with natural charm and reminiscent of the region’s breathtaking horizons!

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Urban Penthouse In Hong Kong

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The hallway was meticulously constructed to improve the lifestyle experience. It has a clean style that is complemented by marble features such as a timeless Nero Marquina sculpture and a one-of-a-kind console in Estremoz marble by Brabbu, which is inspired by one of the world’s most famous landmarks. Luxxu presents the Waterfall II Big Wall Lamp, which is comprised of gold-plated brass and handcrafted crystal tubes.

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Waterfall II Big Wall Lamp

Living Room

urban penthouse

Every detail of this living room space was created to be decorative, from the tray ceiling to the corroded brass walls with little horizontal lighting units. The Shard Suspension changes into a stunning lighting display that makes a strong statement. A more neutral color palettea more neutral color palette showcases a range of special objects.

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Shard Suspension

Dining Room

The living and dining rooms are divided by folding wooden partitions, making the area look more ethereal and natural. This dining room has a great mix of light beige and brown tones, as well as a few floral accents and colorful wallpaper.


Luxury Brands

The airy mood of this one-of-a-kind bathroom set is commanded by a wealth of distinctive design characteristics, beginning with the vast diagonal-patterned flooring.

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Pharo Small Pendant

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom of the urban penthouse was decorated in a dual style. On the one hand, natural features such as smooth wallcovering, hardwood walls, tropical bedding, and a neutral rug give it a more Zen atmosphere. However, countless showy features, from the architectural ceiling to the high-end patterns, capture the attention.

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Waltz Nightstand



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