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Living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, hall – indoor plants decor are always a perfect idea for any room place! Likewise, plants around the interior make a friendly and fresh atmosphere, which makes a happy and calm mood to be. For that reason, INSPLOSION prepared a special collection of Plants Decor Ideas For Your Home Interior!

Plant decor hall



Plants decor living room

The place where we are spending most of our time. The place for conversations, readings, family time, movies – surround it with beautiful decorations from nature. Luxury, mid-century, modern or eclectic – plants will fit in any style and any place in your room. Use your imagination and create your living room-garden!


Nature pattern dining room

Plants decor could be a perfect choice for the wall patterns too. You can use anything that you like from our Mother Earth nature: plants, herbs, trees, flower blossoms… There are so many different details outside to create your own greeny pattern design.


Plant decor bedroom

Green, the color of life, nature, and energy. Also, it is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, calm and safety. Moreover, the color green relates to balance and harmony. Is it enough already to start using green decorations in your home interior design?


Tropical bathroom

Fell it fresh! Sit back and surround yourself with this exquisite tropical environment bathroom interior design that will take you to another world. Therefore, do you start to fall in love with plant decor like us?


Plant decor kitchen

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Cook healthy food in a healthy atmosphere inspired by nature! Actually, even one plant could make kitchen ambiance calmer and more bright. Moreover, one plant could not only change the interior but make your kitchen smell perfect and inspire delicious cookings.


Plant decor hall

Researchers have also found that green can improve reading ability. It means that plants could be a perfect choice for the reading corner. Or even the garden outside through your place windows.

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